Trivial Pursuit was big at the time. Here is an alternative version. I think it came from a UQ publication, but I could be wrong.

As FM 104 was setting this up I guess it was a more main stream event. I was in grade 11 at high school and have a vague memory of wearing my uggs as it was winter and a little wet. Ugg boots were NOT a trendy fashion item of the day, quite the opposite. How times change.

My membership card of the Creperie Liberation Organisation. The Creperie being a cafe on UQ campus. A few of the other members feature on this blog now and then.

Here are a couple of random photos from Brisbane in the 1980s/90s.

I moved to the UK in the lates 1990s. Here is an invite and flyer from that period.

If you were out protesting and thought you might get arrested there was a card you could carry round that would remind you, and the police, of your rights. Handy little thing in the right circumstances.

I found a ‘certificate’ I must have filled in to get into a club/pub in 1984. I was not 18 at the time and I assume I didn’t look it so was asked to fill it in. I think I called my self Maria because that is one name I get called, still to this day, when someone can’t pronounce my name. The Paddington address would have been believable as I had friends living in the suburb.

Political & social issues stickers were a big thing. Here are a couple that never got stuck to anything. The lid of my turntable ended up espousing a number of social issues of the day (now in my neice’s possession), as did the fridges.

The last photo was taken after the cyclone that hit the local Rialto theatre in January 1995. Notice the fridge in the background. I, and a couple of friends had been watching a double bill of Clockwork Orange and Natural Born Killers when the cyclone hit (I still have a daybill of NBK from the night). The rain was so loud the soundtrack was turned right up. Then I heard a crack in the ceiling and grabbed a friend and ran to the exit. As the ceiling came crashing down we hid in the concrete emergency exit area. I went to open the door and it was half pulled off its hinges. At that point a piece of debris came flying just infront of my face. Almost took my head off. A few minutes later it was over and we all went back into the theatre. You could see the stars shining above the ruin of the seats, covered in timbers and building material. A very surreal moment and to process our near death moment we naturally had some celebratory drinks.