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Growing up and going out in Brisbane, Australia, in the mid-80s to mid-90s was eventful. There were numerous clubs, festivals throughout the year and parties to head out to. Brisbane may have been a bit of a backwater from a global angle but it is probably because of this that we created our own scene and made it a thriving thing.

This blog will display my collection of memorabilia from those days. They date roughly from between 1985 and 1996. I collected numerous flyers / handbills and party invites and there areĀ a few local magazines, usually about the music scene or with a political bent (there was a lot to rage about in the Queensland political scene in those days). The community radio station 4ZZZ (I was an announcer for several years) was often the centre of activities and I have a few bits that go with them.

I kept all these hidden away in my Mum’s cupboard for 20+ years. Now it’s time to get them out and share.