Maleny Folk Festival (1991-92)

Tuesday , 28, May 2019 1 Comment
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  • Terrain Cedar Race says:

    I was a feral that overtook the festival, I think in 1991-92. I am both, apologising for the damage our crew did to the Green tent Ect,.. Do you have any video footage of that period? I have lost almost all of those friends’ drug overdoses etc. I would dearly love to see some of their faces. Back then we had only one thing in mind…Chaos. But most of us found peace in one way or another, My street name back then was Race and I ran with, Irish and his crew. We squatted in the showground keeper’s house and drank and drugged at the expense of every punter or tourist who got in our way. For that I truly apologise. But also acutely aware of all the video and cameras capturing our festivities in the green room and beer tents. Could anyone please help out a sentimental old feral, with any video that’s relevant? Thanks in advance, Terrain Cedar Race

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